Helping you overcome the hurdles of life

Questions you always wanted to ask a lawyer*

( * but were afraid to ask)

What do you get when you cross a lawyer with service? No, this is not a joke or a trick question.
Think about it, then read below.

BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY defines “lawyer” as “one who is licensed to practice law”, and defines “service” as “the act of doing something useful for a person or company for a fee” or “an intangible commodity in the form of human effort, such as labor, skill, or advice”.  So therefore, the answer is: you get the Practice of Law, which is also defined in the dictionary as “The professional work of a duly licensed lawyer, encompassing a broad range of services such as conducting cases in court, preparing papers necessary to bring about various transactions from conveying land to effectuating corporate mergers, preparing legal opinions on various points of law, drafting wills and other estate-planning documents, and advising clients on countless types of legal questions.” At WADELAW our goal is to assist you in overcoming the HURDLES of life by providing such outstanding service and attention to detail that we exceed your expectations

What is the first question you should ask a lawyer?
No, it is not, “How much will this cost?”

The first question should be, “Do I have a valid case or legitimate problem for which I need to hire a lawyer.” The myth is that you always need a lawyer, when in reality, sometimes you really should just sit down and visit with your neighbor and resolve your dispute. The first items for careful evaluation and determination are whether or not you have a valid case and if you need to hire a lawyer. At WADELAW the practice of law and our service to you begins with a careful analysis of your needs and issues, which we refer to as “HURDLES”, and then we determine whether we can help you overcome them. However, we understand that we cannot represent everyone and we are not always the best solution. The decision to work together must be a mutual and joint conclusion.

THEN you can ask, “How much will this cost?"

This will lead to the debate of “can you afford great legal service” versus “can you afford NOT to have great legal service”. Some cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, some on a flat fee and some based on an hourly rate. The true answer is that it depends on the complexity of the issues, the parties, their expectations, the area of law, whether there are time restrictions, how much the other party wants to fight your position, and many other factors, including occasionally, whether you are right or wrong. Just like you may not want the cheapest brain surgeon, you may not want to hire a lawyer solely based on the lowest fee. At WADELAW we recognize that most budgets have limits, so we strive to understand the needs and financial abilities of a prospective client to determine whether we can build a balanced team. We limit our representation to select clients who seek and appreciate individualized service and customize a fee structure accordingly.h

So, you don’t understand the law, and want to know, “What is the big secret?"

Well, Realtors like to say it is “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION”, but in the practice of law, there is no real secret. Successful resolution of any legal matter takes hard work, attention to detail, often long hours and a focus on the real problem and recognition of realistic solutions to that problem. It all boils down to this, what are the HURDLES of life in front of you and how do you manage to overcome them. At WADELAW, we provide the service to determine the issue, development a strategy to solve the problem, pay attention to details to implement the plan of action and assist our clients throughout the process and work together as a team toward the ultimate goal, which is the same as our motto: Overcoming the HURDLES of life.

with a dash of humor:

Have you ever done something or been involved in a situation and it occurred to you, “I wish I had known this or that, or done this or that, BEFORE…..” Well, you know the law is full of Rules and Regulations, so the next time you undertake any matter that may have legal consequences, consider these:

The B-4 Rules.

  1. Before you sign anything, read it.
  2. Before you agree to anything, ask your questions.
  3. Before you do something you don’t understand, get legal advice.
  4. Before you answer questions from an arresting officer, ask to call your lawyer.
  5. Before you speak to an insurance adjuster, get legal assistance.
  6. Before it is too late, consider estate planning.
  7. Before you get married, consider a divorce or a prenuptial.
  8. Before you get a DUI, consider a CAB or BUS or maybe take a WALK.
  9. Before lawyer fees are usually cheaper than “after” fees.
  10. Before you jump off a cliff, think about it….have you paid your lawyer?

If you think you need some legal advice or assistance and want some prevention BEFORE or now seek some cure for what you allegedly already did BEFORE, then contact us today  for an evaluation